Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reflecting on WYD - Players and Mannerisms

Today I want to discuss the difference in players now from last year. It seems that every year more and more bad mouthed and bad mannered players seem to join WYD, unfortunate that that is how the world is but at least the GMs do well with sanctioning them. On several occasions this year I have been a victim of verbal... abuse. lol, for lack of a more mild statement. Once over being in a guild, I mean, its a game, this person must really need help or a life if they take it so seriously that a player is in a guild they don't like, hence hurl insults at them because of that. All I can say to other players who also go through this, just report them to the GMs, and don't forget the screen shot of what was said :)

Another thing that is concerning is the so called 'pros' of the game using hacks or third party programs to gain an upper hand on other players. Don't they have a conscience, or is their ego too big that it turns to 'whatever needs to be done to stay on top'? I congratulate the GMs on now being able to spot this in the logs.

I guess everyone can't be a 'good player' the 'rats' are need to be made an example of. hehe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reflecting on playing WYD - Guilds

Blogging is finally back, seeing as this week I am busy, I shall be reflecting on my time playing WYD for this weeks blogging.

It has been just over one year since I started playing WYD, which was a mere coincidence that I found it. But during this time have witnessed many things. I have seen the rise and fall of guilds, a time of CMs come and go, and so much more.

When I started playing, Zeus and The Balance where the big guilds, constantly at one another’s throats, right up to the last battle which TB won. Then emerged the age of blue capes, Shield came along and did quite well before internal issues and unhelpful ‘allies’ finally made it go under, not to mention the glory hunters. Also with the emergence of Top Class guild, it all changed to red age once again, history repeating itself. Now people and glory hunter switching to blue again.. hmmm… WYD is very funny at times.

With the rise and fall of each guild, players leave…friends leave, some come back, some don’t. Although quite a number of the older players have left. Wonder if the GMs will look into trying to keep them. Unfortunate when they leave though. Players come and go, but the game still goes on.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ooo the casino....

OO.. the casino... wow!!!... wait a min!! where all the lights and cute divas that are supposed to be around here??? lol. Just kidding.

Well... it looks good enough. I guess I'll go in and check it out. lol

ps. nice red carpet. Really makes me feel important. wahahahaha!!

Hmm... the tables don't work.... waaaa!! I was looking forward to some Blackjack. I love that game. lol. Not to bad at it as well, until the dealer starts cheating xD lol.
GM should get the developers to make the tables start working. lol. Though roulette no-one cares about. lol. We need Blackjack and Crabs!!! lol.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Upon these barren wastelands he hunts
Day in and day out
Killing the horrible monstrosities that have invaded this sacred land
They appeared like a swarm of fire ants
Emerging from the depths of the earth
Attacking all in there way
And shredding it to bits
Many stand against these monster
But they cannot be abolished
The more they are killed, the more they appear
They have ravaged this land
Decimating all that have stood in their way
Showing no mercy to those to weak to defend themselves
He now stands for those that have fallen
Taking revenge on these horrible creatures
Eventually..... eventually....
He will face the ultimate beast
He will slay it....
Beware Kephra, for you are in his sights

Monday, October 6, 2008

King Killer!!!!

I killed the king today!!! lol. I went with Xyra today.. again. lol. So funny, we go on lots of hunts and stuff together. lol. Maybe we should make a tv show. The adventures of Xyra and Cyrus in WYD Land. hehehe. Would need loads of pots for it though, and a lot of editing out the parts where I die. lol

I am so missing taking part in the shout event. lol. But I have no shouts!!! hehe. Good Event CMs and GMs, keep up the good work.

I was invited by OnlyKim to be involved in another of her interviews. lol. So col. WYD has its own Oprah xD hehehe. I forgot to take a SS of it. lol. Way to go though on your show Kim. See you round WYD.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New recruit xD

New chapter for Cyrus today. He has joined the ranks of Shield guild. Hoping to continue his self appointed job of 'serve and protect' lol. xD I'll just see how it goes. No giuld war today, but hey, Cy not really combat ready yet. lol

At least got more drops than yesterday in the snowfield. lol. Although, they are just fairy parts. lol. Maybe might use them one day... in ten years. lol

Heard that CM Tonbarry has left us.... hmm... that is sad.. Wish you all the best T, wherever you going. Was fun having you here ^^

Went to watch the academy league today.. Found it a bit unfair though... Yes, some coutries have more players than others.. but still.. Its not fair, as one of these countries will always win.

And some countries have maybe only 1 or 2 players on at that time. They don't get a chance to fight. But well, if the GMs find it ok for the imbalance, then.. I guess we just have to accept it.

Good day to you all, and happy wyding

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My lucky day for shout event started out like any other day. lol. I managed to sel SOMEthing, lol. Finally. lol. I think the credit crisis affecting the world has hit WYD as well. lol. Everyone is broke. lol. Thought game economy and real life one is different. lol. Hope I manage to sell something today xD I'm saving for M scrolls. lol. Need to level up.

Went to kephra to hunt today. Following up on a lead about some good drops. lol. Lets just say.... the drop rate really sucks... or there something up with Kephra dungeon, lol. Spent 2 hours there, and only got 1 lak scrap!!!! hahaha!! Used up about 1100 health Funny. I'll try go with a beastmaster next time, or a hunter.

I was really lucky in the shout event today. Got 3 out of the 5 questions right. Almost free laks!! yaaaay!! lol. +9 my dexterity earing and glory ankh now. So glad thats over and done with. Met CM Aruman for the first time.... briefly. lol. Next time stay a bit longer xD and interesting choice of weapons. lol. xD I did manage to get a SS of Aruman before he disappeared again. lol. Gotcha!!! xD I.m out of shouts now... so.. hehehe. Don't know what I'll do. lol.

And I was enlightened on a bug that is in the game. lol. Very funny Kim xD See how we under water in the pic. lol. Funny. And no swimming gear xD lol. Armour very heavy, so sink to the bottom. lol. CM Aruman, how come you didn't comment on our lovely positioning on the WYD map? xP lol.